The issues that affect my constituents in District 8 are many of the same issues that affect  all Americans. It is important to recognize that the needs in each county are the same, however, they are very different when it comes priority. Many of my constituents in Carroll County feel that the need to protect 2nd Amendment rights are at the top of the list, where in Frederick County Veteran Rights and Healthcare is at the top of the priority list. In Montgomery County we then start to weave in the  need for of immigration reform. 


As your next Representative I understand and empathize with the specific and unique needs of each county. As your Representative, it is important for us to be "All In"  to protect, uphold and move forward in making sure each county is being represented  across ethnic, gender and soci-economic backgrounds.  

We must be "All In" to ensure that the protection  of  our inalienable rights,  “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness",  endowed on every human being by his or her Creator under the constitution  is protected. At the same time we must find the courage constantly explore what the inalienable rights are as it pertains to equality as our country grows and is faced with more challenges as we Restore our American Dream post the Covid -19 pandemic. 


Covid-19 has ravaged a healthcare system that was already in disarray. Deductibles and co-pays soared in 2019 for millions of Americans and thousands of constituents in District 8 alone. In 2019 there were only two health insurers on the Maryland Exchange, limiting competition and access to quality healthcare that we deserve. Today's consumers who work across all sectors no longer stay with one job for decades; we need access to a plan that will work and travel with individuals from position to position.

National Security

The United States' priority must be to protect our national security and the homeland. The United States continues to work to secure it's borders and fund our military.  It must be a priority that our men and women who selflessly serve, have the tools, funding, and ongoing support they need to advance our national security.


"The free world is safest when America is the strongest." - The White House

Term Limits

I support term limits because it reduces corruption in politics.  Career politicians seem to be more concerned with focusing on the next election then effectively representing their constituents who put them in office, by making difficult decisions. 


"Term limits provide fresh faces with fresh ideas to elected office. They reduce lobbyist and special interest influence and make room in Congress for the citizen legislator. Americans are sick of the political games and power politics; they are ready for a return to a citizen legislature which was the intent of our founding fathers. " -US TERM LIMITS

Economy and Jobs

As Director of Operations for a small business in Montgomery County, I have a proven track record as a leader of creating jobs for all, including adults with physical and mental challenges. In 2019, with the support of my CEO, we created an internship with the primary goal of providing a gateway to independence through work, for  mentally and physically challenged adults. My work as Director of Operations includes securing employment for individuals, creating new business, jobs and broadening financial opportunities through mentor-ship with business leaders throughout District 8 by creating economic activity leading to growth in Carroll County, Frederick County and Montgomery County. 



I am an award winning educator and understand the value and importance of supporting our children, educators, parents and school systems.  I will go to Washington and be a leader for the advancement of students and educators for all through my Pillars of Education for the 21st Century Student, Educator and Parent.

Immigration Reform

Move towards a merit based system that would welcome those who follow the rules, contribute to our economy, support themselves financially, and uphold our values. This system will also provide a pathway for citizenship for individuals while protecting our national security and reduce human trafficking. 

Bridgette L. Cooper

- FOR U.S. Congress -