Meet Our New Young Adult Civic Engagement Coordinator

Hello. My name is Cindy Kexin Lin. I am a rising senior at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School. It would be an honor to help Ms. Cooper with her campaign. Both her ideology and determination have inspired me to reach out and become a volunteer.


Ms. Bridgette Cooper consistently speaks up for minority groups in our district, who make up about a third of her constituency. Naturally, it is imperative that voices from minority communities are heard. Her idea of “All In” resonates with me. Hearing the perspectives of others and, more importantly, representing all constituents regardless of party or community, should be major roles of an officeholder. In addition, Ms. Cooper is also a big supporter of term limits, which I believe will reduce corruption among career politicians. Restricting the length of service prevents politicians from amassing too much power. Career politicians might become alienated from their constituents, as they view lawmaking as a career and therefore spend much of their time raising money for their re-election rather than listening to the voices of their constituents. However, term limits provide opportunities to individuals who are willing to put self-interest aside and follow the will of the people. Constituents need citizen-legislators,

not career politicians. Ms. Cooper understands her mission and is willing to achieve this goal.


As a former music educator and an opera singer, Ms. Cooper prioritizes excellence in Education—closing the achievement gap, increasing funding for arts education, and supporting performing and visual arts venues. This is refreshing in today’s academic climate. Unfortunately, while confronting the pressure of college admissions, students tend to favor specialization and ignore the potential of a liberal arts curriculum. We sometimes lose sight of extracurriculars, like the charms of performance art. Ms.Cooper’s goal of creating an in-depth educational experience through classical music might balance the disparity between academia and creativity. Her well-directed program attracts me.


Of course, the role for young people in politics is crucial. Youth carries multidimensional importance. We represent a major population and, thus, have the rights and responsibility to speak for ourselves. Teenagers could infuse the country with different perspectives and ideas for developing the nation and formulating laws. Truly, younger generations are the future, so playing an active role in politics is essential. Voicing our opinion on political issues can move the political world forward.


Bridgette L. Cooper

- FOR U.S. Congress -